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Lawyers Helping to Spread a Little Love for Valentine’s Day

by Published on

By sending a text with the words Law and Love to 82010, the firms short text number, you can request your very own card. You can also add your own personal message either in the text or when the firm contacts you for details of where to send the card  ready for you to sign. The text will cost no more than a normal message.

For every card requested Samuel Phillips will be donating £1 to the British Heart Foundation and asking if that could at least be matched by those requesting a card.

You can also donate by text to: 70070 and add the unique code
FKAI76 and the amount such as £1

David Laud, Chief Executive of Samuel Phillips commented, “There’s no shortage of bad news at the moment so we thought it would be an idea to offer an antidote.  We want the people of the north east to show their romantic side and to help we’re giving away a free Valentine card. It’s also great to be able to support the work of the British Heart Foundation.”

The image on the card is of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge part opened in the shape of a heart. David, who took the photo added, “When I took the picture it struck me how much the shape of the two sections resembled a heart and the idea developed from there.”

Valentine Offer

Lawyers aren’t often associated with romance, creativity or giving things away but Samuel Phillips is not like any other law firm, we are somewhat unique.

As an added incentive to ordering your free card Samuel Phillips is offering a prize of a bottle of Champagne for the person who creates the most romantic and original message sent via the short code text to be put in the card.

Text Law and Love to 82010

The free card is being promoted on a range of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Time to brush off the poetry books and grab your phone to secure your card, they may fly out of the office quicker than Cupids arrow.

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